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Booking Steps:

Before booking:


  1. Confirm that your date is available and your final pricing. This is very quick and easy to do over email or phone. There will be no pressure to book us. We will just answer your question(s) as quickly as possible and leave the decision to you.



When you're ready to book:


  1. Let us know to hold your date. We will immediately email or US Mail you a simple contract and planning form.

  2. You'll return the contract and a $100 deposit to us within a week.

You can use the PayPal button below to pay the deposit or just send a check along with your contract.







After booking:


  1. You'll return the planning form at your convenience (at least two weeks before your event).

  2. After we have received your planning form and met with you (if desired), we will send you a detailed itinerary for your event. This can be changed at any time. We are completely flexible. We just find it helps to have a place to start!


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